Why do you want to do business with anyone? How did you get attracted to the person you’re doing business with or want to do business with? Well, I’m about to let the secret out, it’s the law of attraction. And what’s the law of attraction? Well, who you are as a person is what you’re going to attract. Example, besides being an entrepreneur, I’m also a salsa dancer. I go to salsa clubs, listen to salsa music, take salsa classes, so evidently I’m going to attract salsa people. The same goes for you. Whatever you attract is who you are. Like attracts like.

In order for your business to start developing you need to attract people. And who’s going to be the middle man to attract people? You, of course. So how can you attract these people. Well you need personal development. What is personal development? It’s growing to becoming a better person each day in different arenas of life. How can you do that? You can start off by reading good books or listening to good audio CDs on personal growth. A couple of good authors are Napolean Hill, Claude Bristol, John C. Maxwell, and Anthony Robbins. The one I recommend that you start off with is “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

You may want to ask yourself, what attracts people to you and what repels people away from you. Why do you have the friends that you have and what attracted them to you? Have you ever met someone for the first time and right off bat you either liked him/her or disliked him/her. There was something within those first couple of minutes that sparked it. It could’ve been what they said, how they said, or how they presented themselves. In any case, decide whether you want to connect with someone or not.

The one thing that make the rich unique is that they’re committed to personal development. Rich and successful people are open to many things. This makes them well rounded which in turn makes it easy for them to connect with people. If you limit yourself then you give yourself limited options which will hinder your success.

The fact that you will be well rounded will make branding easier for you. Like I mention before, in order for people to get involved in your business you need to be the middle man. People are attracted to people and by you being “The Middle Man” with a great amount of personal development, eventually people are going to become business partners with you. You have to give people good reasons why they would want to do business with you. Those reasons that you give is what we call branding.

There’s this rule of reciprocity or in other words “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. You need to let people know what you do with your team and what you do with new members to your team. You want to be able to build their trust in you and let them be aware of your support. You are going to be look upon as a leader to them.

Now we got this out the way. We need to figure out who we need to prospect and how do we approach them. This will be on my blog “The Key To Prospecting”

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