The Difference Between Network Marketing and Direct MarketingA lot of people who get involved with Network Marketing for the first time or have been exposed to Network Marketing usually confuse it with Direct Marketing. They are very similar when it comes to selling products or services, but how they sell is where the difference is.

When it comes to the similarities, you’re building a “Yellow Brick Road” to your product or services, which means you have to get to know your client, get them to like you, get them to trust you, and give some type of “value” to your client. With this, you will be putting into practice the “Law of Attraction”. You pique their interest and they will want to know what you have to offer them. Once you show them, at least 80% of the time you will get a client or a business partner and everyone is happy.

Now here’s the difference between them. In Direct Marketing after you made that “connection” you worry more about the “numbers” of people you can sell per day, usually to meet a “quota”. You sell them the products and 9 times out of 10 that relationship stops after the sell. Now if you have been on facebook for a while and you run into people that you say “hi” to or they may say “hi” to you first and then go straight into exposing their opportunity to you, how great it is, and how they get thousands of leads per day, then they’re confusing network marketing with direct marketing. Especially if you have to keep convincing someone on how great your opportunity is and why they should make time for it.

In Network Marketing, after you made a connection, you will actually qualify people, then you expose them to your opportunity, so you’re not really going out to chase people to meet a quota. After the exposure you keep building the “relationship” with your prospect and give “value”. One great example is when you go to a shopping mall you run into two types of salespersons. There’s the salespeople in the middle of the aisle with a cart selling lotions, cell phones, etc. These are the ones that are chasing people to buy whatever their selling. This would be consider Direct Marketing. Then you have the salespeople in the clothing stores. You walk in to look for a specific pair of jeans for example. These sales people ask you if there is something in particular you’re looking for or you may even go up to them and ask them about their sales for the week. They’ll show you what they have in stock and boom bam, they have a sale. This is would be consider network marketing since the salespeople really didn’t make an effort to chase you because the client actually came to the store for something specific.

I hope this article gave all of you a great understanding on the difference between network marketing and direct marketing. For more information in the network marketing industry you can download this free ebook “Success In 10 Steps” from my page

Sherman Smith
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