There are four important things thats going to help build momentum in your home Business and they are know, like, trust, value. These four important elements builds a “yellow brick road” to your opportunity, service, or product and it should be used each time you prospect whether if its online or offline. The best thing about the information age is that it is easier to apply these four simple things with all the software and tools out there, but these tools wouldn’t make you rich until you apply these 4 simple things.

The first thing you want to do is to know the prospect by connecting with them to build a relationship. This is crucial because network marketing is all about building relationships. The best marketers/salespeople uses this to figure out what the customer wants and what type of person they are. For my internet marketer who are involved social media this is one reason why you should have a full profile so that people can stop by your page and find something about you that they can relate to. You don’t want to have nothing but links to your opportunity. It’s a lot more difficult to find a connection with that setup unless they’re in the same business as you. If someone adds you as a friend and message you, you don’t want to just put your link there or only talk about how lucrative your company is without building rapport. This is a real turn off online or offline.
But getting to know someone shows that you are interested in them and it makes them feel “important”.

Once you have established a connection and build rapport, now you want the prospect to like you. There’s one thing about us human beings, is that we’re all self-centered because we love to talk about ourselves. If you can get the prospect to talk more about themselves then you have reached the next level. If they ask you what you do, you just tell them you help people start a home business and put the spotlight back on them. They’ll appreciate it when everytime you do that.

After you get your prospect to like you, now you want them to “trust” you. They way you get your prospect to trust you is to give them “value”. This doesn’t mean that you expose them to your business just yet. It means you’re going to link them to some information thats going to help them get what they want. This is where you can point them to one of your blogs, articles, webinars, company briefings, or company training calls. So if I meet Suzy at the grocery store and she tells me that she works at a convenient store, hates her job, wants to spend more time with family, and is look for something else, I would then promote a speaker on a training call. I would tell her “There’s this guy named Joe Spencer who use to work at Taco Bell. He hated his job, made an investment, and by next year he fired his boss. Now he gets to spend more time with his newborn son and doesn’t have to look for another job. He’s going to be doing a training tonight at 7pm on how he did it”. This piques her interest even more and now you have an interested prospect.

These four elements is your start momentum in your business. There’s a lot of internet marketers that promote traffic tools, but without these 4 elements it will be a lot harder to achieve the success that you want. There’s a free ebook you can download that will save you years and years of frustration and failure in your business. To download go to

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