There’s a saying in Network Marketing: “A lot of people join a network marketing company for the money, but they stay for the relationships”. This goes to show that network marketing is a people business. People join people, not companies. This is vital to know in order for you to become successful in this business. Especially if your company goes out of business, because then your downline will follow you into another network marketing business because of the relationships you built with them.

You may ask “so how do you build a relationship and what do you look for?” The answer to that is you need to study people and their personalities. For so many years many philosophers and psychologist have studied the different personalities people have. It was boiled down to 4 basic personality types: Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Melancholy and Choleric. If you been to any great network marketing training these 4 terms would be equivalent to the colors Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. Once you figure out what color your prospect is then you will know what to say to them. I will explain the 4 different types. Some of this info. is from Mike Dlouhy’s “Success In 10 Steps”


Yellows make up about 35% of the population. They are considered to be nurturers, family oriented, giving, and helpful. In the workforce they are the nurses, school teachers, or UN workers.

How do you Sponsor A Yellow?

For one yellows don’t like to be sold. They repel pushy and aggressive salespeople.
When you talk to you yellow, do not be so excited about what you do. Be more self contained. They see all the excitement as hype and that you’re trying to sell them. Try to connect with them by talking about their family, kids, or vacation. Usually their reason to join a business is to spend more time with family and friends. The business must be set up in a way where you can put people under people so it’s a win/win situation for everyone.


Blues make up about 15% of the population. They are more about having fun and socializing. They usually jump from one program to another looking for fun. One good thing about blues is that they are the most creative people. They do not need details, but just the general idea of the business.

How do you sponsor a Blue?

When it comes to the compensation plan for a business they’re much like the yellows. It has to be set up in a way where people can put people under each other so that everyone wins. With a blue person, you want to talk fast and animated. They just want to talk about fun things to do like parties, vacations, sky diving, just fun, fun fun.


Greens make up about 35% of the population. They are a little more serious and analytical. They want all the details. They are usually your scientist, mathematicians, IT people. They pretty much work well in any complicated compensation plan. Sometimes they can over analyze a business opportunity.

How do you sponsor a Green?

Greens believe they are the smartest people in the world. They usually want all the details. Don’t try to sell them. Instead you will give them all the info. they need for them to sell themselves. If you have 100 links on your website, they will usually look at all of them. Do not speak too fast or slow, but at a mediocre pace. Greens do not like to be sold. It may take them a lot longer to see if an opportunity is legit and the perfect business, but don’t rush them to make a decision. Let them go their own pace.


Reds make up about 15% of the population. They are more materialistic and money driven. All they care about is financially stability.

How do you sponsor a red?

All they want to talk about is how much money they can make in an opportunity. Reds do well in a stair step breakaway compensation plan because they think network marketing is a sales business. It’s all a numbers game to them. They’re just looking for producers who think like them.

Reds are the corporate CEO’s, the “get-the-job-done” people. Everyone in network marketing is looking for these people. But there’s a couple of problems. They only make up 15% of the population and they’re aren’t coachable. They have big egos and like to order people around. When a red demands that people get on a conference call, it drives people away. Besides that, reds are well-connected. You want to sponser Reds because they can put in contact with some powerful people like business owners, leaders, politicians, etc..

We all have these personality types within us, but one of them will dominate over the rest of them. Once you figure out the dominant personality type, then it will be easier for you to build a relationship with your prospects. For more information there’s a free ebook you can download. It will save you years and years of frustration and failure in your business. To download go to

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