Has anyone ever asked you “How much money are you making in your business” or “How many people did you signed up in your business”? If you’ve been in network marketing for a while, more than likely you have already been asked these questions a zillion times. If you just got started, you will be asked these questions a zillion times. One of my biggest mistakes was actually telling people how much money I made and how many people I signed up or have in my downline. You may ask, why were they big mistakes? The mentality of most who asked these questions either don’t have faith in you and your offer, or they feel if you’re successful then that qualifies them to automatically become successful, even if they don’t do much or any work. The one thing you should think about is that if you don’t tell anyone how much you make at your current job, then why would you think someone in network marketing should tell you how much they make in their business?

A lot of us network marketers have the experience of building a team of people and became successful at that. A lot of us also know that even though we built a decent size team, a lot of them didn’t follow through with the system you have in place for them. We spend our time chasing our recruited people trying to get them on the training calls and to get them to go to the events. But for some reason they didn’t budge. They feel like they didn’t need to go to the meetings, they always find an excuse to be too busy to go to any of the events, and etc. etc.. These are a couple of reasons why, I myself don’t tell prospects how “successful” I am in my business.

So how should you answer those questions? There are a couple of things to say. You can say “Not nearly enough!”, or “I don’t know, I haven’t collected it all yet!”. The reason being is that you can make 50 dollars this month, 200 dollars the next month, 1500 dollars by the beginning of next year, and on and on and on. You’re income never stops growing. What you have done 5 years ago is still paying off. That’s the beauty of residual income.

You can also give them a more straightforward answer. You can say “It’s not about how much money I make, It’s about what you do”. If I’m financially successful in my business and I tell you exactly how I achieved it, and you don’t do it, then who’s fault is it? Many of times I’ve recruited people and told them what to do to become successful. Many of them either just didn’t do it or just dropped out which in turn is the reason why they didn’t become successful.

If you give them the answers just mentioned you’re going to get one of two people. Either your going to get the person who will respect your answer and would really want to dig further into what you have to offer them. This actually shows a person that is coachable and have some leadership qualities. The other type of person would feel disrespected and can be categorized as a follower or someone that has a “lottery” mentality.I hope that this information has been helpful to all of you. If you want more information on how to become successful in the network marketing industry, I advise you to download the free ebook at http://shermansmith.successin10steps.com/

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