Everyone wants to be successful in something whether it’s good or bad. It could be in sports, politics, school, business, etc. Whatever the case may be there are certain steps you have to take and a certain criteria that you have to meet. A lot of people will either choose to go for the goal, while others will let it slip all away. This is the dividing line between those that are on the road to success and those that aren’t. This brings up a couple of Jeff Olson sayings which are “Successful people will do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do” and “It’s easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do”.

When it comes to people and network marketing you meet all types of characters. You meet those that are unsure of themselves, those that are gung-ho about the industry, people who have a lot of fear, and those that just want to test it out. Either way it goes, it boils down to if they are serious about becoming successful in the industry or they’re not. How can you tell? You can tell by their actions.

If you’re someone that do not go to any of the events, listen to any of the training calls, do any exposures, read or listen to any personal development, you have to really question why you even got started. If you don’t have a strong “Why” to keep you in your business then you’re bound to fail.

It’s amazing how people would get started in a home business and rarely do anything if anything at all to become successful. They always find excuses to not become successful. There are a lot of free ebooks to read, free audios to listen to, and there are mentors and coaches that’ll help guide you for free to become successful, but still there are a lot of network marketers that don’t take advantage of these things. They’ll spend years and years of being frustrated and continual failure in their business by doing the same thing that’s barely getting them over or just doesn’t work.

There are a lot of skepticism on who are mentors and coaches. A lot of people want to know how creditable they are by asking them how much money they made, how many people they recruited, and how many people are in their downline. Mentors and coaches are students of the network marketing industry, and if they have been in it for a long time, they will not answer any of these questions. In fact, they won’t even promote their business in a lot of cases. What they will do is provide you with value such as training calls, articles, tools to use, blogs to look at, or ebooks to read. Anything that will help you become successful, they will provide.

You have to become a student of this industry in order to gain some type of momentum to get you going. It usually takes the average person between 2 to 3 years to really get familiar with the industry. Within that time you’re doing a lot of running around, going to trainings, getting on training calls, doing 3-ways, doing exposures, doing what your upline tells you, etc.. As a “baby” network marketer during that time you’re doing whatever it takes to fulfill the criteria in becoming successful in your company whether they have a great marketing system set in place for you or they don’t. Sometimes the company that you’re in doesn’t have the greatest business model and policies and procedures either. But you really don’t pay attention to how your being trained or your company business model, and it’s really not your fault. You’re just learning about the industry and you do what you’ve been taught.

After being in the industry for a while and seeing what doesn’t work, you have the responsibility to explorer new ways of building your business or even find a new business if you’re really serious about becoming successful in this industry. This will in turn show how much of a leader you are, separating you from followers. Leaders will do research, figure out why they fail, learn from their failures, and find answers for themselves. They’re the ones that not only listen to their own companies training’s, but also other’s companies training’s. Leaders concentrate mainly on personal development to make themselves more attractive to prospects which will in turn attract money. With that in mind comes your business success.

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To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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