A lot of people talk about the do’s and don’ts of network marketing and how they became successful. I like to change it up a bit. I like to focus on my mistakes that I have made in this industry. Hopefully some of you can relate to them.

Mistake #1

I did not go to any trainings or listen to any training calls the first 3 months I was in my home network marketing business!!! I figured that I was just going to apply what I learned from “The Streets” to market my business, and take some advice from people who never been in network marketing, but were always “hustling”. I didn’t need to go to training, or at least to every training to listen to the same thing over and over where in fact I needed to. After I started going to the trainings I started sponsoring people every month. What a coincidence huh?

Mistake #2

I invited people to business meetings and business training calls instead of promoting the speaker of the meetings and training calls!! Since this is a people business, people are attracted to people and you should promote the speaker. Don’t you hate it when you call tech support or customer service and you have to listen to a pre-recorded message that gives you 10 different menus and each menu have 4 different choices you have to make before you can actually talk to a real live person? Sometimes you even get put on hold listening to elevator music before speaking to someone. Oh the agony!!!

Mistake #3

I played cat and mouse with people!! I was chasing family, friends, coworkers, enemies, just anyone that I could possibly sponsor. This is a BIG FAT NO, NO!! Now if they were really interested in what you do, then they would more than likely come to you.

Mistake #4

I didn’t listen or read any personal development CDs or books!!! OK, this is the bulk of your success. You read these books to become a better person. By becoming a better person you become a people magnet.

Mistakes #5

I bought leads!!! OK, getting a bunch of “NO’S” wasn’t the most exciting thing even though I sponsored some people. Those people that I sponsored weren’t that serious. As a matter of fact they were doing mistakes 1,2,3, and 4 to the second degree.

Mistake #6

At times I would try to convince people which really made me desperate. “Ah man, you gotta check this opportunity out. You get paid all these different incomes, and the company been around all these many years, you get all of these different tax benefits, and they offer all of these different types of services, and if you’re really good you can get to the super duper quadruple superized pimped out star spangle banner level where the real money is made. Now how can I call you to tell you more about it?” Ok, I’m done!! This may sound good, but it also repels a lot of people because they feel like you’re trying to sell them and most people do not like that..

Mistake #6a

I convinced people by telling them how successful I am. OK, just because I make such and such amount of money and have such and such amount of people on my team doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have the same success. It’s not about how successful I am, it’s more about what you do to become successful.

Mistake #7

I didn’t have a strong “WHY”. So many people quit their business because they didn’t have a strong why. I had a weak why because all I wanted to do was to make more money. Well, everyone wants to make more money, and how is that going to keep you running in your business, especially when you have a lot of set backs.

Mistake #8

I just wanted to try it out to see if it works!! Now if it didn’t work in such and such amount of time then I was going to quick. OK, OK, I admit it. I was one of those people that just wasn’t that serious at first if you haven’t noticed already. When I first got into network marketing I thought I would test the waters. Although I had a lot of failures and set backs, I stayed in. The reason I stayed in is because of my Why which I have changed throughout the years.

Mistake #9

Although I was chasing people, I was nervous and quite frankly didn’t know what to say. OK, this is where the trainings and personal development comes in. They really do help, honestly!!

Mistake #10

I had the mentality that this is a numbers game. It’s not about numbers! OK, there was a study about doctors and lawsuits. Usually the doctors who didn’t build relationships with their patients had a bunch of lawsuits over the tiniest things, as oppose to the doctors that built a relationship with their patients. Why is that? Since those patients knew, liked, and trusted their doctors, they were a lot less likely to sue their doctors as opposed to the patients that were indifferent and didn’t know their doctors that well. Same thing applies to network marketing. It’s best to build a relationship to be successful in this industry.

There are more mistakes that I have made which I can not think of right now. With all the mistakes I made, I failed a lot and was very frustrated. But one thing is for sure; I was failing my way to success. Just because you’re failing now doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be successful. Fail forward!!! Learn from your mistakes. There has never been a successful person who didn’t fail their way to the top. So keep failing, keep learning, and keep growing so that you can also be a part of that success circle.

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To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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