When you first get into network marketing you’re taught to expose a certain amount of people a day to your opportunity. You’re taught the 3 foot rule where you talk to anyone that’s 3 feet or less away from you. What a way to force you to come out of your shell, huh? After doing this for a while, you get to wondering if there is a better way to expose people to your opportunity. So you figure you do the lazy man’s approach and start buying leads. But you know what, leads can become costly although you can use them as a write off come tax season. Plus the amount of rejection is horrible. Especially if you haven’t committed yourself to personal development. Only a really good salesperson can do this job, which is pretty much 1% of the nation. Since you don’t sale, and don’t talk to everyone everyday you’re in the streets, what do you do next?

Well you get on the internet to do some research, and you run into this term called attraction marketing. Once you get a little information about it and start talking to all these different people, you get hit up with tool after tool with all the bells and whistles to get 1000 leads a day. Once you purchased a tool from a particular website, then you got to get this other tool with all the training and bells and whistles since it goes hand in hand with the tool that you just bought. This process of buying tools and software to enhance your marketing goes on and on until you’re just about to run out of money. OK, there’s got to be a better and more cost effective way to market you’re business, Right?

Of course there is! There’s all types of free and cost effective ways to market your business. The key is to find way to “massively” do exposures and at the same time not spend too much money. The average person that gets into network marketing do not have a lot of money to spend so whenever you bring someone into your business, make sure you give them ways to market cost effectively. Here are some ways to do so:


This is what you do when you first get into network marketing. The leaders of your organization tell you to talk to 2 or more people about your opportunity. It’s a free way of exposing people to what you have to offer, but it can be a scary thing to go up to strangers and start talking to them. Some people are hardcore about it, while other’s are more conservative.


You can use free classified ad services to market your business. One of the most well known ones is Craigslist. Here you can advertise the products or services you have. Best thing to do to find these free classified ad services is to do a Google search.


There are all types of forums on the internet where you can share tips and ideas on how to grow your business. It’s also a great way to expose your opportunity as well. Network Marketing Forums is not only a great option, but also a lot of them are free.


Since this is a people business, another great way to not only meet people, but also market your business is through social media sites. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace are great to get into to build relationships with your prospects.


Once you get into social media, another great way is to join a Tribe. This a group of people that help promote each other’s blogs. This is a great way to get indexed in different search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, and Google. So if someone types in Network Marketing Professionals, this is a great way for people to find you in cyberspace.


Do you have any hobbies? Well it’s recommended that you talk to people that are like-minded. One of the most popular websites to get involved in is MeetUp.com. This is where people with common interests get together to socialize and help each other grow. You may get meetup groups from salsa dancing to entrepreneurship.


Write an article about your products and services and submit it to Ezine for free. Make sure the information is valuable to your readers. This will make you look like an expert in whatever field or business that you’re in.


You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is the idea of reciprocity advertising. There are business owners like yourself that are willing to help you with your business if you help promote theirs.

I hope this information was helpful to you. If you know of anyone that may find this information usual please feel free to share.

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
Mentoring For Free