Lately I’ve been working with an application that has helped spread the word about my blogs. Not only am I able to post a link of my blog on my wall, but also it allows me to use a feed to automatically post on my profile as well as on my fan page. It works like twitter where you have followers and of course the more potential followers that you have the more traffic you will have generated. With that in mind, your SEO rankings will go up which will eventually result in free leads.

So If you’re on facebook and you’re looking for a great application to expose your blog, you ought to look into networkedblogs which is very user-friendly. To find it, you can either find the link in my profile under the blogs tab, Do a search for networked blogs, or go to my blog site at Once you get to the app, you will set up another profile on facebook via the application. Once you’re finished setting up your profile, you can then take advantage of the great features it has to offer.

These features are geared towards getting your blog posts out there to your audience on facebook. You can invite your facebook friends to become followers of your blog. The downside is that you can only invite 16 people every couple of hours. You can also set up an “RSS feed” in the feed settings. This links your profile and fan page to your blogs. Each time you write a new post it automatically posts it up on your fan page and your profile. There’s also an option to link it up to your twitter accounts so that it automatically tweets your followers about your new posts.

A lot of your top notch network marketers use this application to spread the word about themselves and how they can help you. With that in mind, you can follow their blogs as well as they can follow yours. This will be a bigger plus because once you make yourself known in their blogs and repost them, they will eventually start to repost yours. This would be another great way to get more exposures to your blog which will eventually generate more leads for you.

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