There are a lot of pluggins and javascripts for blog pages that helps them to look professional and get more exposure to a wider audience. One thing that’s popular are the “Add To” buttons. These buttons lets your readers submit your material to social networks and link directories with ease. The only problem is that those who have a blog page can not take advantage of any pluggins or javascript. So is there a fixed for this? There most certainly is!

For weeks I’ve been doing research on how I could put an “Add To” button for twitter and facebook so that readers can repost my material. I luckily stumbled upon a social bookmarking application called GetSocial. This is a .NET Framework windows app that provides an HTML code for you to add onto your page. Once added, it shows a bar of some of the popular social media and bookmarking sites such as facebook, twitter, and digg.

They have four different styles which are Classic, Mini, Design, Design Mini. Once your audience finishes a post, they can click on one of the links on the bar to repost or bookmark your blog. Just as simple as that!! For those that are on a tight budget, this application is free to download. For most of us, the word “FREE” is our favorite word for now.

I hope this information was of help to all of you. If so, make sure that you click on one of the links on the side to repost this material so that others with a site can take advantage of this free application.

To Your Success,

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