You know the greatest feeling in the world is the first person that you sponsor into your business. You just want to run outside, jump up, and kick your heels when that happens, especially having going a long time without sponsoring no one. Now your vision is much clearer and you can now imagine people lining up to join you in your business venture.

But wait a minute, the fun isn’t over yet. That next month is even better. Not only did you sponsor just one, but now two people. Oh boy! Now you’re starting to build a team. The following months, all you do is recruit, recruit, recruit. Before you know it, you have a pretty decent size team. Isn’t that great!!!

Lets dig even further, you always send out invites to go to meetings, out-of-town events, and even started a personal development book club. Each and every time you promote these events , meetings, or training call to your whole entire team, you only get the attention of the same 10 people who are gung ho about being successful in their business.

No matter how much energy you put into promoting to all, lets just say 50 people on your team, the same 10 people are the ones who take action. Why is that, and what are you going to do to get the rest into action?

Should you:

Hypnotize them?
Bug them to death?
Threaton them?
Use the 80/20 rule?

Hopefully you picked the last one. If you pick the first three, then you probably need some more personal development.

The 80/20 is also known as Pareto’s Principle. In applying it to your business, it means that the few people in your business (20%) are going to be a great asset to the business while the rest (80%) aren’t going to be beneficial.

So the best thing that you should do is concentrate on the 10 that’s out there putting in work to become success and not put too much energy in the one’s that always come up with excuses to not take the steps to become successful. The reason for this is that not only they will not become successful, but they can also drag you down with them. Not fun at all!!

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