You ever heard of those stories about someone that came from humble beginnings and all of a sudden became this big success? If you were to look at how they were and where they came from you would stereotype them as not achieving the success that they now have. Sad isn’t it? But it’s true!!!

So how in the world did they become this really big success?

I’ve done my research and I noticed something that’s very common in every successful person. This one ingredient that they had helped give them the tools to become successful. Once I put it all together, I told myself that I had to get me one of these. I mean, if every successful person had one of these, why don’t I have one as well as anyone I knew at that time?

No, I’m not talking about the latest and greatest tools you can download and install from the internet. Even before the internet was even thought of, successful people had these.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about a Mentor!

Every successful athlete, businessman/woman, TV star, etc… had someone to help guide them to succeed in whatever they did. Think about it, when you see a successful person being interviewed about their life on TV, they always talk about the one person that inspired them whether it be a teacher, parent, or athletic coach.

Mentors are the ones that’s going to inspire you, encourage you, and see you as who you can be. They’re the ones that been through the trials and tribulations and can tell you what to go for and what to avoid.

In network marketing there are a lot of mentoring programs that have people that will coach you to success. A lot of network marketers want a step by step process on how to become successful in their business. Mentoring programs is a great option to get involved with if you’re looking for some type of guidance.

Unfortunately, most network marketers either fail to get a mentor or they simply just do not listen to their own mentors. As a result they fail in their businesses.

The mentoring program that I got involved in has helped me tremendously. My mentor has showed me a more proficient way to market as well as show me what to avoid. Not only is she my mentor, but she also became a very close friend.

If you want more information on the mentorship program I’m involved in, go ahead and click on the link below labeled “Mentoring For Free”.

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Sherman Smith
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