Do you really believe that you’re going to be successful?

Can you really picture in your head that every month you will be sponsoring 2 or more people?

Can you actually feel the money just coming in 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K a month?

Can you hear yourself motivating others to be as successful as you?

Many of us say that we can do all of these things, but the question is do we really believe it? 9 times out of 10 there is something within our belief system that’s holding us back.

So what is it?

Well I did a little research and found that what you believe in is connected to some type of attitude or emotion towards it. This goes into an opinion which is a verbal manifestation of that attitude, which in turn causes us to act a certain way based on the belief and opinion.

So lets say you built a relationship with someone, and you find out that they are looking for other ways to make money.

You tell them that you may have something for them and you hand them some information about your opportunity.

They turned to you and tell you that they don’t like network marketing because they don’t like to sell. (How many of you heard this excuse?)

Now this is a false belief because you didn’t try to sell them anything. What’s really the case is that they attached their belief to something that happened to them in the past (Most likely a “Network Marketer” that was trying to pitch them without getting to know them) and they held on to that belief.

This is just one of many cases of how we give our beliefs meaning. So how do we change that?

First things first. Beliefs are just individual events in the world that really don’t have any meaning.

So if they don’t have any meaning to begin with why would you give it meaning in the first place?

Did you catch that?

We all heard of rags to riches stories such as Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Chris Garner, and Joanne Kathleen Rowling author of Harry Potter. So if they can be successful why can’t you?

So if you want to be successful, then take the necessary steps to become successful and work on your belief system. Put your surroundings in check. Be around positive people. Make sure you read and listen to something positive everyday.

There some great books and audio CDs that give great tips on changing your beliefs.

Since I’m a reader, some great books I recommend are “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, “The Magic Of Believe” by Claude Bristol, and “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” By Claude Bristol.

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