What is your favorite blog, better yet, what is your favorite book? What attracted you to it? How did it keep your attention?

Was it because it was a hard back, soft back? Was it because of the cover or the title? Did the first sentence draw draw your attention to what’s going to happen next? Was the content of the book full of exciting visuals, details, and interesting characters?

Depending on what you are interested in is what your going to target whether they are science-fiction or romance novel. The problem is even though you are interested in that genre of novels, not all of them are not going to draw your attention.

But the ones that do are going to stay on your mind and have you tell all of your friends about it. Now that would be one exciting book.

The same thing goes with your blogs. There are some blogs that you will pass on, while there are others that will have you mind boggled. As a matter of fact, a lot of times it would depend on the person that writes it too.. Thats a great thing about branding!!!!

I’ve done a little research on motivation speech styles and found a style that can be applied to blogging. There are five steps to it and here they go:

Attention Getter

If you want people to look at your posts it’s critical that your title be appealing. It
needs to be something that everyone is talking about but yet stands out.

Need (Problem)

Once you get your readers undivided attention you want to introduce the actual need
or problem in the industry.

Example: network marketers that don’t build a relationship fail in the industry or Why
don’t people build an attractive facebook profile.


These are the tips and strategies use to fix the problem that network marketers can


Once you present the fix you want to describe what will happen after you have
applied it and possibly talk about your experiences with it.

5. Appeal To Action

Last but not least, you want a call for action whether its having your readers opt in to
your site or to share your post to others.

By following these steps will ensure to keep your prospects interested in your content and also have them share it with others.

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