When I started looking for ways to better my business I looked in two places: Google and YouTube. What I found was a lot of information on network/internet marketing.

I ran into a lot of new terms such as attraction marketing, backlinks, social bookmarking, etc…and although I know what these terms mean now, back then, the information was overwhelming.

The one great thing I like about blogs is that they are short and usually talk about one subject. So if I wanted to find something about attraction marketing, usually a blog will focus on that subject.

Another great thing about blogs are the comments as long as they’re valuable. I look at them as the extension of a blog. If a person added a valuable comment, I would go into their blog and see what I can learn from them. If I found some amazing information in these blogs, I would go ahead and share them.

It has gotten to the point to where I prefer to read blogs over listening to training calls, or even audio CDs. It feels like I gain more value with blogs and yet I get to know the person.

One site I discovered through reading blogs, would be considered a blogging community site. I found it very helpful and convenient.

This site works with google and you can actually target the blogs that you want to read!!

Let’s just say that you want information about feedreaders for your blog. You can actually type this in, and this site will do a google search. Once its done, it list some of the top sites that you can go to about feedreaders.

You can also check the rankings of these blog sites if you go to http://www.alexa.com. The better the ranking, the more traffic the site gets and the more that you’re exposed via your valuable comments.

Comment Luv is the site I’m talking about and if I was you, I would go ahead and create an account. It has more beneficial features that you can learn about.

So if you’re looking for another great way to get more traffic with your blogs and at the same time learn tips and tricks on how to grow your business, Comment Luv is the way to go.

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