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What does success mean to you?

Is it just obtaining that financial goal you dreamed of?

Or maybe it’s getting to a specific level in a particular career, sport, etc…?

Or maybe it’s purchasing that one car you always dreamed of.

The misconception about success is that many people believe it’s only obtaining that end result and that’s not true. It’s way more than that.

I meet and rub elbows with successful people everyday online and offline. As a matter of fact successful people read my blog posts everyday.

Yes, I’m talking about you!! Even further, a lot of successful people comment on my posts and share the information with others.

You see, the one thing I like about team sports is that they work together to obtain a goal. But the key is that they work together.

But how do they get to the point to where they become professionals in their sport and get the opportunity to play with their fellow teammates who are also professionals?

We see all of the glitz, glamour and “Bling Bling” but the one thing we tend to look over is the hard work behind this.

You see people like a Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzsky, and Joe Montana work hard to get where they’re at. But it’s not just about the hard work.

It’s more than that! The one thing that made them who they are and help them attain their status was an effective daily routine. Yes a simple effective daily routine!

A couple of blog posts ago I talk about learning how to play the piano. My teacher gave me some exercises to do in order to become great. Now I know how to play 4 genres of music.

So lets go back to you reading this blog. Is reading blog posts and commenting a daily routine of yours? If so, then that’s success!

It’s not just obtaining your goals. It’s that process which is the effective daily routine that you have in order to obtain your goals.

Once people see how consistent you are, then you will start to become attractive. Our goal in this industry is to become attractive, but we got to put in the effective daily routine in order to attain it.

So what is your daily routine? What are you doing to attract the right prospects to you? What are you giving on a daily basis that’s of value in order to attract?

Here’s some of the things I do on a daily/weekly basis!

1. Share valuable quotes on a daily basic
2. Commment on blogs on a daily basic
3. Put out valuable content on my blogs every week
4. Read about new marketing tools every week
5. Share other people’s valuable content every day

If you don’t have an effective daily routine then these are some of things you can do in order for your to attract people to your business. Keep doing these things and you’ll see the difference in your business!!

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If you’re looking to take your business to the next level or are looking to start a home business, the best thing to do is to educate yourself. The problem is most people like to jump into an opportunity without being educated on the business or their compensation plan. This can result in years and years of frustration and failure. If you’re having problems growing your business and you are a serious entrepreneur then I can help you.

For more information, click on one of the links below to get familiar with what I do. Also you will find a free ebook that you can download called “Success In 10 Steps” which is a great blueprint to follow for your success!!!

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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