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Has this ever happened to you? You approach someone, build a little rapport, find out what their problem is, expose them and tell them that you’re in network marketing, and they tell you “This is sales and I don’t like selling.”

How many times have you heard something similar to this?

Quite a few huh?

Also you may have exposed someone that’s been in sales and they tell you that they’re tired of doing sales and this opportunity wouldn’t be right for them.

Some people think because they have been in sales that it automatically qualifies them to become successful in network marking.

That’s not always true.

But let me ask you this. Do you know what marketing is, let alone network marketing?

Is there actually a difference?

It most certainly is!!!

It’s surprising but a lot of us involved in this industry do not know this.

As a matter of fact there’s a lot of people that’s been in the industry for over 10 years and still try to “SELL” instead of market.

So what is the difference? Let’s break it down

I’m an IT (Information Technology) guy, and according to the technological viewpoint, networking is a way to connect to workstations and servers in order to exchange information and establish relationships.

According to this industry, it’s a way to connect with people in order to exchange information and establish relationships.

Now for the difference between marketing and selling.

Selling is the act of meeting your customers demands by matching the products and services that you offer. In order to do this a sales person uses the sales concept to persuade or convince the customer to buy.

Marketing, on the other hand, supports the efforts of sales. More listening and two-way communication are involved in marketing. Sometimes they would do surveys in order to figure what customers are looking for and which demographics, cultures, race, etc.. prefer certain products or services.

It includes the following:

1. Figuring out what products or services consumers want
2. Creating a products or services accommodating those wants and needs
3. Pricing those products and services correctly
4. Promoting those products and services, and explaining why the customer should buy
5. The use of “Sales” can be used here at this point, but not in network marketing

So basically marketing is figuring out what your prospect is looking for in order to see what you have matches their wants and needs. If it does then you expose it to them. STOP RIGHT THERE!!! THAT’S MARKETING!!! ANYTHING BEYOND THIS POINT IS SELLING!!

So if you were ever involved in sales and worked for a company, all of the marketing and promotions were already done for you. The marketing portion makes the sales go a lot smoother because the customer already has an idea of what they want when they get to your establishment from all of the advertisements.

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