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How many of you have witnessed this? You go to your company’s meeting and they call everyone on stage to get recognized for their hard work and how many people they recruited within the last week. Some people say 1 person, other’s say 2, while some others say 3 people. This is all good, except for that one kid that just graduated from high school and only been with the company for a couple of weeks. He or she gets on the microphone and tells everyone how many people they recruited and it’s some outrageous number like 15 or 20?

Your shocked! Your enraged! You’re Jealous! You tell yourself that they must be lying. You just can’t believe what you just heard. And what makes matters worse is that you go up to meet him or her and you find out that they’re just as dorky and corny as they will ever be. What gives???

They’re just lucky!! But wait, is it just luck or is there something more to it? But you’re leaders keep telling you to always keep it simple, right? So how did this recent high school grad recruit all of these people by just keeping it simple?

Time and time again you will here stories like this and the more we hear about them, the more we wonder how do they do this in such a short amount of time.

In Mike Dlouhy’s “Success In 10 Steps” he mentions something called “The Spider Web Effect”. He says that people who build webs tend to be lucky while people who don’t build webs tend not to be lucky.

What does he mean by this? Well, everyone says that network marketing is about building relationships with people right? Well think of it like this: the more relationships you build, the more contacts you have in your life, the less bridges you burn, the more people that have a positive feeling about you, the more people you reach out to help, the more likely you will be “lucky”.

So in case of the recent high school graduate, he probably been on facebook since he was a freshman in high school, and have been building relationships with different people since then.

Not only can this happened to a high school kid, but it could happened to anyone, especially you!!! You just have to put in the work and make it fun!

If you found this information to be helpful, please share it with others. The more people that you reach out to help the better it is for you in the long run.

By the way, click on the link entitled “Success In 10 Steps” to download the free ebook and learn how you can grow your business and be “lucky”. Remember that you are in control of your luck!

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Sherman Smith
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