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What does success mean to you?

Is it just obtaining that financial goal you dreamed of?

Or maybe it’s getting to a specific level in a particular career, sport, etc…?

Or maybe it’s purchasing that one car you always dreamed of.

The misconception about success is that many people believe it’s only obtaining that end result and that’s not true. It’s way more than that.

I meet and rub elbows with successful people everyday online and offline. As a matter of fact successful people read my blog posts everyday.

Yes, I’m talking about you!! Even further, a lot of successful people comment on my posts and share the information with others.

You see, the one thing I like about team sports is that they work together to obtain a goal. But the key is that they work together.

But how do they get to the point to where they become professionals in their sport and get the opportunity to play with their fellow teammates who are also professionals?

We see all of the glitz, glamour and “Bling Bling” but the one thing we tend to look over is the hard work behind this.

You see people like a Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzsky, and Joe Montana work hard to get where they’re at. But it’s not just about the hard work.

It’s more than that! The one thing that made them who they are and help them attain their status was an effective daily routine. Yes a simple effective daily routine!

A couple of blog posts ago I talk about learning how to play the piano. My teacher gave me some exercises to do in order to become great. Now I know how to play 4 genres of music.

So lets go back to you reading this blog. Is reading blog posts and commenting a daily routine of yours? If so, then that’s success!

It’s not just obtaining your goals. It’s that process which is the effective daily routine that you have in order to obtain your goals.

Once people see how consistent you are, then you will start to become attractive. Our goal in this industry is to become attractive, but we got to put in the effective daily routine in order to attain it.

So what is your daily routine? What are you doing to attract the right prospects to you? What are you giving on a daily basis that’s of value in order to attract?

Here’s some of the things I do on a daily/weekly basis!

1. Share valuable quotes on a daily basic
2. Commment on blogs on a daily basic
3. Put out valuable content on my blogs every week
4. Read about new marketing tools every week
5. Share other people’s valuable content every day

If you don’t have an effective daily routine then these are some of things you can do in order for your to attract people to your business. Keep doing these things and you’ll see the difference in your business!!

If you found this information helpful please share it with others that may benefit from it by clicking on one of the links below “Please Share” in the left margin.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level or are looking to start a home business, the best thing to do is to educate yourself. The problem is most people like to jump into an opportunity without being educated on the business or their compensation plan. This can result in years and years of frustration and failure. If you’re having problems growing your business and you are a serious entrepreneur then I can help you.

For more information, click on one of the links below to get familiar with what I do. Also you will find a free ebook that you can download called “Success In 10 Steps” which is a great blueprint to follow for your success!!!

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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MLM Is About You!!


Everyone says network marketing is all about relationships and building them. That’s great to know right? Now there’s a lot of you that are just natural connectors and can talk to anybody about anything. Everyone just love talking to you. But what about the rest of you who have a hard time connecting with people? How can you trigger the minds of your prospects?

In a blog entitled “The Process: Network Marketing Is About Building Relationships” I talked about the basic personality types. There are 4 personality types which are in each and everyone of us. One dominates the rest. In the blog I describe each one and how you would sponsor a prospect with a certain dominant personality type.

To those that have a problem connecting, this may sound easier said than done. You may be wondering if there’s something more to it. Well of course, the answer is yes!!

Off and on I have been studying something called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It’s basically a set of rules and techniques used to better interpersonal communication as well as self improvement.

One great thing to know is that there is a “syntax” that you must pay attention to when talking with your prospects. This syntax is linked to your 5 senses (site, hear, feel, taste, smell), but in NLP three of them are commonly used which are visual, audio, kinesthetic. They are called submodalities in NLP. When talking to your prospects you want to pay attention to the order of these submodalities and figure out the dominant one. For example: If you ask someone how was the last training, they can answer:

1. After I saw(Visual) Mike Dillard get up on stage and speak(audio), I had a great feeling(kinesthetic) that my success was coming soon.


2. A great rush came over me (kinesthetic) after I heard (audio) Tom “Big Al” Schreiter on the training call. I can actually visualize (Visual) myself on a cruise to Tahiti.

On the first one the order of submodalities were Visual, Audio, Kinesthetic, where visual was the dominant sense. In the second answer the oder was Kinesthetic, Audio, Visual where Kinesthetic was the dominant sense. So when speaking to someone, especially a prospect, you would speak to them depending on the order of their submodalities.

After knowing their syntax you may want to ask another respond like this to each:

1. That’s great to know. Seeing (Visual) Mike Dillard on stage and listening (Audio) to him has given me a assurance (Kinesthetic) to keep going in my business.


2. I was so anxious (Kinesthetic) when I first met Big Al. He spoke (audio) to me, reassuring that all that envision in my dreams (Visual) are possible.

If you use this techniques of syntax, it’s a great way to trigger something in your prospect to get them interested in you.

Now that we got the submodalities out the way, lets take it a little further. People in general process information differently. How is it that someone can look at the same piece of art or listen to the same speech and have a difference of opinion about it? Metprograms are the answer. According to Wikipedia, metaprograms are the internal programs (or sorts) we use in deciding what to pay attention to. We distort, delete, and generalize information because the conscious mind can only pay attention to so many pieces of information at a given time. Example:

– There are people that love detailed information about your business and there are others that just like for you to get to the point.

– There are people that want to know if a lot of people are doing your business, while others want to be the one that are “dare devils” and really don’t care about the opinions of others too much

– There are those that want to do your business for themselves, while others want to know only do it for themselves but find it as a way to help others.

– There are those people that are on your team and always agrees with the rest of the team, while others are in disagreement most of the time and seem to find a loophole.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to these characteristics, but the main thing is to make the best out of them and learn from each. When engaging in a conversation with each, the best thing to do is to reciprocate how they process information by either repeating what they said in your own words or to give them the information of what they are focused on.

There are many more meta programs. When talking to a prospect you want to figure out how they process their information. Whether they like detailed information or maybe they just want to be different and standout from the rest. Either way it goes, this is another great way to trigger something in their mind to build a great relationship.

If you want more information about NLP a great book to check out is Anthony Robbins’ “Unlimited Power”. This book will help you build better relationships whether it is business-related or not.

If you found this information helpful, Go ahead and download the free ebook “Success In 10 Steps” for further education on prospecting as well as to grow your network marketing business. You can find it on my website “MLM Is About You!”

To Your Success,
Sherman Smith
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MLM Is About You!

We all have people in our companies that always make it into the “top recruiters of the month” list. When you ask them how they did it, they always tell you the same thing “build a list of people, build a relationship, provide some value, stay persistant”. You keep doing this over and over again, but you’re not sponsoring anyone. You also have figured out who your target market is, and still to no avail no one wants to join under you. Now how in the heck are these successful network marketers doing it while the rest are struggling to sponsor one prospect?

The answer? Maybe you’re not thinking like a prospect. There’s a lot of people that want to join a network marketing company by far and they’re looking for someone they like and trust to join under. But like so many network marketers, me as well when I first started, we are so quick to expose people to our businesses. Now if you were being prospected and someone was trying to convince you to join their company, doesn’t that sound like selling? How many people do you know that likes to sell? Not too many. What’s worse is that studies show that prospects will only “LISTEN” to 8 percent of what you have to say. Sad huh? Now how can we resolve this problem?

In the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook there is a quiz which was done by the one and only Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who has found a lot of success in network marketing. There is a list of ten items and what you need to do is rate these items yourself, from 1 to 10, most important to least important. This exercise will determine if you’re thinking like your prospects or not.

One more thing: #1 in this poll won by a LANDSLIDE. It wasn’t even
close. So it should be real easy for YOU to get #1 right?


OK. Let’s do it!

Get your pen. Here’s the list:
Company literature shown
Marketing plan and potential earnings
Training provided
Who gave the presentation
Product line
Company management experience
Up-line support
Company image
Sales kit provided
Being first in your area

If you want to see how well you’ve done, the answers are in chapter 6 starting on page 59 in the free ebook “Success In 10 Steps”. Go to to download and save it.

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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A lot of people talk about the do’s and don’ts of network marketing and how they became successful. I like to change it up a bit. I like to focus on my mistakes that I have made in this industry. Hopefully some of you can relate to them.

Mistake #1

I did not go to any trainings or listen to any training calls the first 3 months I was in my home network marketing business!!! I figured that I was just going to apply what I learned from “The Streets” to market my business, and take some advice from people who never been in network marketing, but were always “hustling”. I didn’t need to go to training, or at least to every training to listen to the same thing over and over where in fact I needed to. After I started going to the trainings I started sponsoring people every month. What a coincidence huh?

Mistake #2

I invited people to business meetings and business training calls instead of promoting the speaker of the meetings and training calls!! Since this is a people business, people are attracted to people and you should promote the speaker. Don’t you hate it when you call tech support or customer service and you have to listen to a pre-recorded message that gives you 10 different menus and each menu have 4 different choices you have to make before you can actually talk to a real live person? Sometimes you even get put on hold listening to elevator music before speaking to someone. Oh the agony!!!

Mistake #3

I played cat and mouse with people!! I was chasing family, friends, coworkers, enemies, just anyone that I could possibly sponsor. This is a BIG FAT NO, NO!! Now if they were really interested in what you do, then they would more than likely come to you.

Mistake #4

I didn’t listen or read any personal development CDs or books!!! OK, this is the bulk of your success. You read these books to become a better person. By becoming a better person you become a people magnet.

Mistakes #5

I bought leads!!! OK, getting a bunch of “NO’S” wasn’t the most exciting thing even though I sponsored some people. Those people that I sponsored weren’t that serious. As a matter of fact they were doing mistakes 1,2,3, and 4 to the second degree.

Mistake #6

At times I would try to convince people which really made me desperate. “Ah man, you gotta check this opportunity out. You get paid all these different incomes, and the company been around all these many years, you get all of these different tax benefits, and they offer all of these different types of services, and if you’re really good you can get to the super duper quadruple superized pimped out star spangle banner level where the real money is made. Now how can I call you to tell you more about it?” Ok, I’m done!! This may sound good, but it also repels a lot of people because they feel like you’re trying to sell them and most people do not like that..

Mistake #6a

I convinced people by telling them how successful I am. OK, just because I make such and such amount of money and have such and such amount of people on my team doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to have the same success. It’s not about how successful I am, it’s more about what you do to become successful.

Mistake #7

I didn’t have a strong “WHY”. So many people quit their business because they didn’t have a strong why. I had a weak why because all I wanted to do was to make more money. Well, everyone wants to make more money, and how is that going to keep you running in your business, especially when you have a lot of set backs.

Mistake #8

I just wanted to try it out to see if it works!! Now if it didn’t work in such and such amount of time then I was going to quick. OK, OK, I admit it. I was one of those people that just wasn’t that serious at first if you haven’t noticed already. When I first got into network marketing I thought I would test the waters. Although I had a lot of failures and set backs, I stayed in. The reason I stayed in is because of my Why which I have changed throughout the years.

Mistake #9

Although I was chasing people, I was nervous and quite frankly didn’t know what to say. OK, this is where the trainings and personal development comes in. They really do help, honestly!!

Mistake #10

I had the mentality that this is a numbers game. It’s not about numbers! OK, there was a study about doctors and lawsuits. Usually the doctors who didn’t build relationships with their patients had a bunch of lawsuits over the tiniest things, as oppose to the doctors that built a relationship with their patients. Why is that? Since those patients knew, liked, and trusted their doctors, they were a lot less likely to sue their doctors as opposed to the patients that were indifferent and didn’t know their doctors that well. Same thing applies to network marketing. It’s best to build a relationship to be successful in this industry.

There are more mistakes that I have made which I can not think of right now. With all the mistakes I made, I failed a lot and was very frustrated. But one thing is for sure; I was failing my way to success. Just because you’re failing now doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be successful. Fail forward!!! Learn from your mistakes. There has never been a successful person who didn’t fail their way to the top. So keep failing, keep learning, and keep growing so that you can also be a part of that success circle.

So if you have a high failure rate and you’re frustrated with your business I recommend that you download the free ebook “Success In 10 Steps” at

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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Has anyone ever asked you “How much money are you making in your business” or “How many people did you signed up in your business”? If you’ve been in network marketing for a while, more than likely you have already been asked these questions a zillion times. If you just got started, you will be asked these questions a zillion times. One of my biggest mistakes was actually telling people how much money I made and how many people I signed up or have in my downline. You may ask, why were they big mistakes? The mentality of most who asked these questions either don’t have faith in you and your offer, or they feel if you’re successful then that qualifies them to automatically become successful, even if they don’t do much or any work. The one thing you should think about is that if you don’t tell anyone how much you make at your current job, then why would you think someone in network marketing should tell you how much they make in their business?

A lot of us network marketers have the experience of building a team of people and became successful at that. A lot of us also know that even though we built a decent size team, a lot of them didn’t follow through with the system you have in place for them. We spend our time chasing our recruited people trying to get them on the training calls and to get them to go to the events. But for some reason they didn’t budge. They feel like they didn’t need to go to the meetings, they always find an excuse to be too busy to go to any of the events, and etc. etc.. These are a couple of reasons why, I myself don’t tell prospects how “successful” I am in my business.

So how should you answer those questions? There are a couple of things to say. You can say “Not nearly enough!”, or “I don’t know, I haven’t collected it all yet!”. The reason being is that you can make 50 dollars this month, 200 dollars the next month, 1500 dollars by the beginning of next year, and on and on and on. You’re income never stops growing. What you have done 5 years ago is still paying off. That’s the beauty of residual income.

You can also give them a more straightforward answer. You can say “It’s not about how much money I make, It’s about what you do”. If I’m financially successful in my business and I tell you exactly how I achieved it, and you don’t do it, then who’s fault is it? Many of times I’ve recruited people and told them what to do to become successful. Many of them either just didn’t do it or just dropped out which in turn is the reason why they didn’t become successful.

If you give them the answers just mentioned you’re going to get one of two people. Either your going to get the person who will respect your answer and would really want to dig further into what you have to offer them. This actually shows a person that is coachable and have some leadership qualities. The other type of person would feel disrespected and can be categorized as a follower or someone that has a “lottery” mentality.I hope that this information has been helpful to all of you. If you want more information on how to become successful in the network marketing industry, I advise you to download the free ebook at

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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