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A couple of blog posts ago I wrote a post called “OK, I’M CALLING MY PROSPECTS…..NOW WHAT DO I SAY” where I introduced two relationship building formats called FORM and CAPI. These are great tools when you use them and it sets a comfortable ambiance for you and your prospects.

Now these aren’t the only two tools out there. There are a plethora of formats that are similar to these two. By the use of these formats it shows how well you build relationships and how successful you are. Just about all of your MLM leaders use some form related to these two tools.

The problem is there are those that claimed to be successful, but yet do not use anything related to these tools to build great relationships. So can you really call them a real, true leader if they don’t use any of these tools? Is it true that they are successful?

Now if you been in network marketing for a while you know that there are certain characteristics of a true successful network marketer. Like anything, there are certain rules that someone would follow to be successful in this industry.

For those new network marketers in the industry I encourage you to read my post on the two relationship building tools I mentioned. I also came up with a list of things to be cautious of:

1. If someone tells you they’ve been in the business over 10 + years, but yet do not use a similar tool as FORM or CAPI to build a relationship with you.
2. If they ask you what you’re goals are or your why for starting a home business and you tell them, they’ll say you’re goals or why are wrong (This is bad coaching)
3. If they’re trying to sell you who they are by telling you how much they make
4. If they bash your online business after you tell them what business you’re in
5. If they don’t show any type of concern to help you with your business
6. If they volunteer to tell you how much their company gross and about their retention rate
7. If their only concern is to convince you to join their company
8. If they been in the industry for 10+ years, but yet are close-minded to other marketing strategies

These are some of my experiences in dealing with people that say they have reach a lot of success and are earning residual but yet their leadership characteristics do not show for it. If they don’t use any of the relationship building techniques similar to FORM and CAPI when they first talk with you, then you can honestly say that their “Success” is questionable.

I hope this post was of great help to you and if you found it to be helpful, please go ahead and share it with others by clicking on one of the links under “Please Share”.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level or are looking to start a home business, the best thing to do is to educate yourself. The problem is most people like to jump into an opportunity without being educated on the business or their compensation plan. This can result in years and years of failure. What I offer you is guidance so that you can become successful no matter what business you’re in.

For more information, click on one of the links below to get familiar with what I do. Also you will find a free ebook that you can download called “Success In 10 Steps” which is a great blueprint to follow for your success!!!

To Your Success,

Sherman Smith
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