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What’s the worse thing about going to the mall? I mean, think about it, what’s the most irritating thing about walking through a mall?

Well for me it’s being pestered by someone I don’t even know about trying their products and you know who I’m talking about. The one’s that have some products made from ingredients from some far away land or country.

They start out with likes like “Can I ask you a question”, or “I got something I want to show you.”, or “Let me show you something”. And if you agree to go along with them, they ask you a variety of four to five questions to see how they can sell you.

I do have to admit though, I do admire they’re persistence and will power in trying to sell their products. Plus they got the part right about asking questions since selling is the art of solving problems through asking questions and listening.

But the one thing I was trying to figure out is how can they make their approach better in order to pique more interests… hmmm?

Well one strategy I learned from reading sales and marketing books and listening in on trainings is by giving something of value away and not expecting anything in return. Sounds cheesy?

Well, before you come to any conclusions I like for you to check out this article by Robert Strong entitled How To Get Your Prospects To “Steal” Your Advertising – And Travel Around The World With It!

This is a pretty nifty strategy isn’t it? It’s non threatening and the majority of people you market to will not instantaneously put up their defenses. Now Imagine if those same people in the mall use the same strategy. Do you think they will get more sales????

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